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Our food welcomes you!!!
Our food welcomes you
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Our Story. Embracing the fresh and healthy flavors of the Middle East, Vinegar food corner shares the most authentic and exotic recipes which have been passed down for generations. Serving baked pita straight from wood burning ovens, charcoal barbeque Halal meats, chicken and beef shawarma, various flat-bread style dishes, and fresh baklava handmade daily provide guests with a culinary experience that will not be forgotten. Vinegar food corner experience is designed to go beyond great flavours and recipes. With delicate lighting and chandeliers, wall surface waterfalls, rich colour palettes, traditional music, and warm welcoming staff, our restaurants provides a pleasing environment for all dining needs. “Unlike other fine dining restaurants in Pakistan, we control all aspects of our supply chain so that we can assure we are only serving the best meats, spices and bakery items to our distinguished guests”

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Mix veggie soup..

Special Breakfast

Creamy pan cake with blueberry,strawberry and caramel..

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Cheesie beef burger.

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"Mouth watering food only for you"


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Rojan Mycle

Rojan Mycle

Head Chef
“Our sushi is cut fresh daily and prepared by expert chefs”
Serena Winem

Serena Winem

Our food is absolutely wonderful the fried pickles are really great great with great service.
Serena Winem

Serena Winem

The restaurant offers a wide array of choices of large portions of delicious seafood, poultry and meats. The cajun sausage and seafood is a spicy standout that pairs well with the Boston salad, that is made with crunchy lettuce and grilled shrimp.


I'm glad I went to this restaurant with another adventurous eater; We were both salivating just reading the menu. Although we originally intended to share an appetizer and dessert, we simply couldn't pare down the choices to just one from each category. Our food was delicious and filling, perfectly seasoned, and hard to stop eating, even after we were full. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal from start to finish, and even the cocktail was a great balance of sweet to tart. Wonderful meal, will definitely go again.
Aaron Lindsey

Aaron Lindsey


We could not get reservations but were invited to sit at the bar. We felt that everything was explained and done exclusively for us! We had it all starting luscious scallops. I could not decide what to eat and was looking at the duck...my comment was " I can eat beef anytime". I was told you have not tasted ours....so I did and it was well worth the choice. All evening long we felt catered to and each course was so tasty! I would definitely return and sit at the bar.
Shila Joffrey

Shila Joffrey


Good food, we did the road trip, 7 courses of anything they get creative with that day. Very nice little spot, lack of parking not much to say it was a good dinner.
Rondon Jay

Rondon Jay